How to Strip Paint from a Wood Door

What does your front door say about your home? Not only is it a gateway into a residence, but it's also one of the first things people see when passing by, a major part of curb appeal. If your door looks less than welcoming, it may be time for some refinishing. This may require you to strip paint and other coatings from your wood door. This can be a quick and easy process when you use the right products.


Paint Stripping Wood Door Features

Whether your doors are smooth, solid wood or detailed with intricate molding and carvings, you'll need a paint stripper that can get into every crack and crevice for optimal results. Whether you're working on interior or exterior doors, it will be easier to take the door down off its hinges and place it on a sturdy surface. If the door is an interior door, you'll want to use a safe, non-toxic paint stripper that won't cause damage to any surface or emit hazardous odors. If you believe the door is already painted with lead-based paint, extra caution needs to be taken during the paint removal process so that no lead dust is released into the air.


Paint Stripping Products

There are such formulas that can help ensure that all requirements mentioned above are followed. Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover System from Dumond Chemicals is a safe, easy-to-use thick paste that works just as well on smooth or more complex surfaces. Once the paste is applied to the painted surface, a specially designed laminated paper can be used to cover the paste until all paint is dissolved. The paper keeps the paste and paint in a wet state, which helps to trap any harmful dust particles from the lead paint.


To strip paint from a wood door using Peel Away®:

  1. Remove door from hinges, if possible, and place on a sturdy surface.
  2. Spread the Peel Away® paste over the door using the enclosed plastic putty knife.
  3. Cover paste with the Dumond® Laminated Paper.
  4. Leave it covered until all paint is dissolved.
  5. Place the plastic putty knife under the paper and carefully scrape both the paint and product from the door.
  6. Immediately wash the paint-stripped surface with clean water and a scrub brush or pad.
  7. Once the surface is dry, neutralize the door using Citri-Lize™ neutralizer included in the kit.


With a freshly stripped wooden door, you can then repaint the surface to create a new, fully curb-appealing look.

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