Non-toxic Paint Remover

Removing lead paint from brick, wood, metal, and other surfaces doesn’t have to be a toxic process. Some think that in order to remove layers upon layers of old paint you will need hours and hours of painstaking labor. The truth is, all you need is a heavy-duty paint removal system that’s formulated for stripping paint from the desired surface. Dumond Chemicals provides paint removal products that are safe enough for homeowners to use and tough enough for large industrial projects. Even when faced with dangerous lead-based paint removal, Dumond offers the best paint strippers for the job and the environment.


The following are a few of Dumond’s environmentally friendly paint removers that are made up of a non-toxic formula for safe and effective paint stripping:


How to Remove Paint using a Non-Toxic Paint Stripper

Not only does Dumond make the paint removal process safe, but it’s also easy to remove paint and clean up afterwards. All it takes is one application of a specially formulated paint remover from Dumond, like the ones listed above, to remove multiple coats, coatings, varnishes, and paints from a variety of surfaces. Once the paint removal tool is spread across the surface to be stripped, the paste is covered with laminated paper, left to dwell, and removed when all the paint is dissolved. The paint and paste comes off with the paper, making for easy clean up.


The process is similar for lead paint abatement. Working with lead-based paint requires special care, especially when removing it can cause harmful debris to be released into the air. The non-toxic Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound from Dumond can both encapsulate lead-based paints, and can also provide long-term surface protection from further deterioration.


When you need to remove any kind of paint or coating, choose a safe paint remover from Dumond Chemicals. This way, you’ll be sure to enjoy the results for years to come.

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