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The open sea should be enjoyed in the most natural way possible. Nothing should come between it and a seafaring vessel, including harsh chemicals. Since marine paint needs to stand up to elements such as the baking sun, corrosive saltwater, and whipping winds, it’s one of the toughest finishes available, which makes it one of the most difficult to remove. However, this does not mean that marine paint removal needs to be costly, difficult, or harm the user, environment, or surface being stripped.

Dumond Chemicals offers products that make antifouling and aluminum boat bottom paint removal easy, effective, and safe for the user and the environment. Whether removing paint from metal, wood, or fiberglass, Dumond Chemicals has the paint removal products to fit your needs. The Smart Strip™ Marine Strip and Marine Safety Strip paint removers are formulated to strip marine bottom and antifouling paint without damaging the barrier coat. There’s no need to use toxic paint removal tools with harsh fumes or flammable solvents to strip marine paint for refinishing.


How to Remove Marine Paint using Smart Strip™ Marine Strip

Both homeowners and professionals will find the following application process as simple as it is effective for stripping paint from boats:

  1. The Marine Strip paste is troweled or sprayed over the surface for paint stripping
  2. Cover the paste with Dumond Laminated Paper to control evaporation
  3. Let everything stand until the paint dissolves
  4. Remove the paper and watch as the paste and coating is removed as well
  5. Wash the surface with clean water
  6. Neutralize the area with Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer

Smart Strip™ Marine Safety Strip is also useful for homeowners and professionals to use during boat bottom paint removal because of its low evaporation rate and biodegradability, making it one of the best marine paint strippers on the market.

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Marine Strip II MSDS

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