How to Safely Remove Paint

Whether removing paint from metal, brick, wood, or any other smooth surface, there are certain ways to efficiently approach the process in order to keep it safe and effective, especially if removing lead paint. Keep the following points in mind for safe and effective paint removal:


  • If working with lead-based paint, the work area should be restricted to certified lead paint abatement contractors, wearing appropriate clothing, preferably disposable, and the proper safety equipment, such as a respirator, should be used.
  • If possible, remove the features that need paint stripping from the building and proceed in a more controlled off-site environment, especially if lead-based paint is involved.
  • All toxic materials should be disposed of in a proper manner.

Dumond Chemicals supplies a variety of paint removal tools to make the process effective and safe for the user, surface, and environment. While each Dumond eco-friendly paint remover product is slightly different, they are all formulated to be the best paint strippers for a wide variety of applications. The following instructions can be applied to various Dumond paint removers, but be sure to follow the specific instructions included with the product that best fits your paint removal needs:


  1. Most of the Dumond paint removal products can be spread or sprayed over the surface that requires paint stripping.
  2. The applied paste or spray can then be covered with Dumond Laminated Paper to control evaporation, and the paper should cover the surface until the paint has dissolved.
  3. After the required dwell time, the paper can then be removed, and with it, the residual paint.
  4. The paint-stripped surface should then be washed with clean water and neutralized if needed.

You can now order samples of some of Dumond’s quality paint removers and test which product will work best for your project.

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