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Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover

“Do-it-yourself” homeowners are likely to get their hands dirty. From working on cars, lawns, and other heavy-duty projects around the house where oil and grease is involved, there's a chance certain porous surfaces can suck up the mess. There is a safe and effective way to clean motor oil, grease, and other heavy soils from brick, concrete, and asphalt: Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover from Dumond Chemicals.


Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover is an extremely effective, biodegradable cleaning product that comes ready to use to specifically clean oil and grease from a number of surfaces. Walkways, barbecue grills, lawn, and playground equipment can also be cleaned with this non-toxic cleaning product. Combining a tough oil and grease remover with an environmentally friendly formula makes Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover one of the best green clean solutions on the market today.


How to Use Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover


Other cleaners can sit on top of surfaces, not penetrating the surface enough to reach the stain. Safe n' Easy® Oil and Grease Remover sinks deep into porous surface to completely draw out most organic stains in one application.


  1. Apply formula liberally by spray or brush. One gallon of the solution can cover approximately 150-200 square feet, depending on the porosity of the surface.
  2. Allow product to sit for up to approximately three hours (test a small area of the surface to determine correct dwell time).
  3. Use pressure wash or hose to rinse completely. No additional scrubbing is necessary.



  • Ready to use formulation.
  • Water-based green cleaning product.
  • Low odor, Low VOC.
  • Extremely fast and effective in removing organic stains from most surfaces with little or no damage to the surface.
  • Available in 32oz trigger bottle, one gallon, and five gallon pails.

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Oil & Grease Remover SDS

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