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Watch DogAll Purpose Graffiti Remover

Even the toughest, most difficult spray painted graffiti is no match for Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover, which is specifically formulated for removing graffiti effectively and easily from surfaces treated with Watch Dog™ Graffiti Barrier Coatings and most cured two component or baked enamel finishes without damaging the coating or the substrate. Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover is a graffiti removal product that does not contain any NMP, aromatic or chlorinated solvents or caustics, making it globeenvironmentally friendly, 100% biodegradeable, , and safe for homeowner use. Not only can Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover remove spray paint graffiti, it is also extremely effective in removing most permanent markers, crayons, glues and adhesives from smooth surfaces, cured enamel and two component finishes. 


How to Remove Graffiti Using Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover Spray

Every 22 ounce spray bottle of Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover covers approximately 20 square feet of surface area. To remove spray paint with Watch Dog™ All Purpose Graffiti Remover:

  1. Spray graffiti removal formula directly on the spray paint and let stand for between one to two minutes.
  2. Wipe the treated surface with a clean soft cloth to completely remove the graffiti. In most cases, the graffiti will begin to dissolve immediately.
  3. Re-apply the spray if necessary.



  1. globeSafe for the user and environment
  2. Water-based formula
  3. Very low odor and low VOC
  4. Easy and effective removal of existing graffiti in one single application
  5. Removes permanent markers, adhesives, glues, crayons, paint spills, epoxies, urethanes and most aerosol spray paints.

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All Purpose Graffiti Remover SDS

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