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Dumond® Chemicals, Inc. provides innovative and environmentally safe solutions in the areas of Paint Removal, Graffiti Control Systems, Stone and Masonry Care, Lead Abatement and Lead Encapsulating Products.  Dumond® Chemicals and our easy-to-use and differentiating products offer a complete solution for the DIY, Professional, Marine and Industrial Consumer.


The Dumond® Chemicals story began in 1981 when we revolutionized the international paint and coatings removal industry on the principles of providing environmentally responsible solutions and quality products to safely remove unwanted coatings from an array of surfaces in a user-friendly, cost effective manner under the SmartStrip brand. SmartStrip technologies are specifically developed to replace unsafe harsh chemicals and unacceptable mechanical removal methods still common in the industry today. The introduction of SmartStrip 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover was the industry's "First" safe paint removal system and an effective alternative to open flames, heat guns, sanding and traditional blasting methods while minimizing or eliminating containment procedures. After 32 years, of SmartStrip 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover remains the leading product used to perform historic restoration and lead abatement.


Dumond® Chemicals, seeing a need for other commercial and industrial paint and coatings removal products and driven by the eagerness of contractors for alternatives to complex, costly and time-consuming removal methods addressing a vast range of high performance coatings and surface combinations, subsequent Smart Strip™ formulas were developed to provide efficient solutions to daunting jobsite challenges.



In 2006, Dumond® Chemicals introduced additional Smart Strip advanced paint removers that are positioned as theglobesafest, most effective, and environmentally friendly method to remove virtually any coating from any surface.  Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover is a customer-driven technology to simplify paint removal projects has eliminated confusion from the buying/selling process and Smart Strip™ remains the most recognized brand in the non-methylene chloride stripper category with DIY, professional, and industrial end-users.


Dumond® Chemicals responding to the unique challenges of the stone and masonry restoration industry, Dumond® Chemicals launched its Safe n' Easy® line in 1998.  Dumond® Chemicals engineered to exceed the exacting end-user demands of cleaning and restoring limestone, granite, marble, and other natural and man made masonry surfaces, Safe n' Easy® products are safe, easy to use, and powerfully effective.


Dumond® Chemicals drawing upon its depth of unparalleled paint and coatings removal expertise, Dumond® Chemicals launched Watch Dog® in 2005, its complete line of Graffiti Control Products.  Watch Dog® Graffiti Barrier Coatings protect porous and other surfaces by keeping graffiti inks, paints, markers and other coatings from penetrating.  Watch Dog® Graffiti Removers are formulated to tackle old, deeply embedded graffiti and can even remove the ghostly images other removers leave behind. The needs of the commercial/industrial paint and coatings removal and masonry cleaning/restoration markets are as demanding as they are diverse, and DIY projects can be equally as challenging. A lot has changed since 1981, but Dumond® Chemicals strategic direction remains the same.


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Dumond® Chemicals then took the natural next progression in Lead Abatement and formulated the industry leader in lead encapsulants with our Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound.   Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound is a thick elastomeric coating that is made to be a long lasting barrier over lead-based paint, making it possible to safely cover or paint over lead paint without removal.


Now, and since our founding, Dumond® Chemicals is dedicated to R&D and innovation, developing globesafe, effective and environmentally friendlysolutions to Paint Removal, Graffiti Control Systems, Stone and Masonry Care, Lead Abatement and Lead Encapsulating Products, engineered to the demanding challenges of applicators internationally.


Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Dumond® Chemicals products are available through a nationwide and international network of distributors. For additional information, call Dumond® Chemical’s toll free number at 800-245-1191.




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