How to Remove Paint with Chemical Paint Strippers

When it comes to stripping paint, there are many different options and products available. Chemical paint strippers are best for removing paint from hard-to-reach spots on awkward-shaped items or intricately detailed surfaces. The liquid or paste properties of these paint strippers can get into every crack or crevice and work its magic dissolving layers of paint and other coatings. While you can use chemical paint removers on a variety of surfaces—like wood, metal, or masonry, you must test a small, hidden section of the surface first to see if it will damage whatever is underneath.


If you discover that the paint needing to be removed is lead-based, chemical paint strippers can also help to safely do the job. Since these products work to keep the surface wet while dissolving paint, there's no hazardous lead dust or paint chips left behind. With any lead-based paint removal, it's best to seek professional assistance before attempting the project.


Using chemical paint strippers could mean a longer paint removal process, since you must wait for the product to work at dissolving the coatings after application. Since these paint strippers are liquid-based, the process could get a little messy, so proper precautions should be taken. Certain chemical products on the market could produce an odor and should be used in a well-ventilated area. For those who are wary about using any kind of chemical products—for fear of hazardous fumes or the damage it could cause to the surface, Dumond® Chemical’s make more environmentally friendly, user-safe products available.


Dumond Chemicals Paint Strippers

When you want safe, easy-to-use chemical paint strippers, Dumond® Chemicals offers a variety of effective products. These water-based formulas don't have an odor like other chemical strippers, they won't damage most underlying surfaces, or create potentially hazardous dust. These eco-friendly formulas can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto the surface to be stripped, and then left to sit/dwell so the paint can dissolve properly. After the proper amount of dwell time, the product is either scraped off along with the paint, or removed with a pressure washer. Dumond® products like Peel Away® and Smart Strip™ easily remove multiple layers of paint from both interior or exterior surfaces. Before starting any paint stripping project, look to Dumond® Chemicals first for the right product for your paint removal needs.

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